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Hemp products

"Hemp - the new trend product"

Hemp is one of the oldest useful plants on earth and has long been one of the most important fiber plants in Europe. Various valuable products such as fabrics, ropes, paper, various oils, foods, cosmetic products, tobacco products, etc. can be made from the various parts of plants such as fibers, seeds, leaves or flowers.

The millennia-old cultivated plant is known for its various areas of application. For a long time, hemp was frowned upon as an intoxicant, but the plant scores with numerous positive effects on health. The cannabis plant contains over 480 ingredients that are used in medicine. Today it is increasingly used again as a medicine and used. Among other things, the cannabidiol (CBD) obtained from the plant scores with many positive effects on health.


CBD flowers:

Are female cannabis flowers with a THC content below 1% (no psychoactive effect due to the low THC content).

Ingestion occurs mostly through smoking.


CBD oil:

The cannabinoids are obtained by extracting the CBD flowers and mixed with a high-quality oil. The oil is dosed individually according to droplets with a pipette.


CBD tea:

The blend of female cannabis flowers with a THC content below 1% (no psychoactive effect due to the low THC content) can also be used as tea.


CBD capsules:

The cannabidiol is in powder form or oil in the capsules. Taking with capsules has the advantage that the product is completely tasteless.

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